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The Journey of Texas Holdem to be Popular in Gambling Online

Texas Holdem is popular in both land-based casino and gambling online but many people are still curious why this game becomes so famous. For some years in 1960s, Golden Nugget Casino which was located in Downtown Las Vegas became the only place that made Texas Holdem as the main regular table game and the poker room was described as sawdust joint.

It made the legends of poker which were Texas Road Gamblers felt like at home since they became the regular players soon at Nugget casino and they played Holdem there. Soon, the poker tournament was introduced and Texas holdem became the spotlight inside the casino. After some failures in establishing the poker tournament regularly, Jack and Benny Binion began the WSOP or known as World Series of Poker in 1970 at casino in Las Vegas owned by them named Binion’s Horseshoe.

Texas Holdem became one of the games offered there at the tournament and soon a year later, it finally was introduced as the main event in the final round of the championship. The Texas Road Gamblers enjoyed Texas Holdem most in WSOP tournament and those 3 took many WSOP gold bracelets and money prize in millions amount. They were so successful at this game since poker was known as the man’s game with some strategies and possibilities.

Now, many people enjoy this game so much at gambling online and also the online tournament offered there.