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For a while now ive been eye-rolling at every mention of an emo/hardcore revival. Lets be real, it just reeks as another excuse to keep ibero out of the indie convo. In my hometown of Houston, Texas this has manifested itself through one nightclubs adoption of an Emo/Pop-Punk night where one can vibe to Taking Back Sunday and Saves the Day. Ah, OK.


Meet Heather: a five-piece act based in Barcelona with an upcoming single on Famèlic Records. Side A delivers Inside, a track that melds a post-punk urgency with touches of hardcore. The guitars (naturally) dominate against the English lyrics, leaving singer Heather Cameron to hesitate through collisions and speed. On the songs chorus, however, everything soars which allows a melodic descent to remain the songs lasting impression. At least whats clear now is that if anyone can lead x-revival, better leave it to Catalunya.