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Sbobet Wsop

As you know, many women start playing Bola Sbobet too like men and back to several years ago, there was one woman who was famous among male players.

Barbara Enright, The First Female Bola Sbobet Player in Hall of Fame
As male players start climbing for their popularity in the card game, women seek for their own luck to break the gender barrier between male and female players. However, several years ago, women have already broken this kind of Bola Sbobet barrier and boundary. They started to prove that they had the same skill just like men and the result was fascinating since Barbara Enright came as the professional player.

The First and Strongest Female Bola Sbobet Player Ever, Barbara Enright
Barbara Enright was known as one of the best female Bola Sbobet players in her era. She played and leaned this game at the very young age. When she was 20s, she knew she could make more money by playing this card game while doing 3 jobs at the same time. She took it and she played it in full time and it became her professional career during her lifetime to beat men and other professional players.

She was the first woman ever that reached the final table of the WSOP tournament in 1995 and she finished in 5th position. She played to win 3 bracelets of WSOP and also in the open event of WSOP. Not only that, she was the first woman to be featured in the Hall of Fame of WSOP in same year as another player, Phill Hellmuth.
However, talking about Bola judi bola Sbobet Hall of Fames, Barbara was the only female player you can find several hall of fames.