Fonocast #2: Wet Hot Latin American Summer

Fonocast #2: Wet Hot Latin American Summer
by Blanca Méndez & Eric Gabriel García

The best summers I’ve had in life are the summers that I spent in new (to me) cities. Being faced with the unknown is exciting. There’s the urge to explore, to strike up conversations with strangers, to seek a little danger because what’s the worst that can happen? (I got kicked out of Cobalt in DC once and drunk tweeted something indignant at them, but that’s really not so bad, right?) Then there’s the thrill of discovery when you find the coziest brunch place, the most unassuming bar, the quietest stretch of beach – places that you can claim as your very own pieces of the city. My most recent new city summer experience was last summer in New York. I wandered the city and found spots to claim as my own, like that bench in Prospect Park, the table by the drawing of the emoctopus at Curly’s, the comfiest armchair at the Brooklyn Public Library. I found my place in that big, brash city that everyone had told me was so scary. This podcast is made up of songs that remind me of that summer and includes tracks by some of my favorite New Yorkers, Maluca and Nina Sky. Pic by JP Abello.

  • María y José - "Puerto Alegría" (GRABACIONES AMOR, MEXICO)
  • El Guincho - "Palmitos Park" (YOUNG TURKS/XL RECORDINGS, SPAIN)
  • DJ Rost feat. Mamacita - "Gabriela" (INDEPENDIENTE, CHILE)
  • Nina Sky - "Move Ya Body" (UNIVERSAL RECORDS, USA)
  • Maluca - "El Tigeraso" (MAD DECENT, USA)
  • Los Rakas - "Kalle" (INDEPENDIENTE, PANAMA)
  • Mexicans With Guns - "Dame Lo" (INNOVATIVE LEISURE RECORDS, USA)
  • La Reina Morsa - "Fiesta Pequeña" (CAZADOR, CHILE)
  • Aias - "A La Piscina" (CAPTURED TRACKS, SPAIN)
  • Adrianigual - "Me Gusta La Noche" (CAZADOR, CHILE)


K.O. said...

I can testify to the fact that Adrianigual's "Me Gusta La Noche" is a summer jam. It's been getting me through DC's humid one quite well.

Side note: getting kicked out of Cobalt isn't hard. Getting kicked out of Apex, now that's even easier. If you ever find yourself back in DC feel free to give us a holler and we'll test that theory out (maybe not at Apex though, because Apex sucks).

TickyLaCubanita said...


Playing this loud tomorrow, Kanye's workout plan doesn't quite do it anymore.


Humbert Hayes said...

Vol.4 of Fonogramaticos is like the greatest summer jamz album ever. I know it's no longer the kind of album Mr. Reyes likes to do, but I wish we could get another linear dance comp like that one.

That Rost/Mamacita song is amazing btw.

Humbert Hayes said...


Got to love the coordination of the Most Popular thumbnails, it's like poetic! Talking 'bout motifs.

Andrew Casillas said...

Podcast of the Week that's Name-Checks Me Halfway In.

That's a prestigious as fuck award

Brenda said...

Humedad the song is amazing. Humedad, the real humedad, is yes, so disgusting.

karenT said...

"Move Ya Body" is truly timeless. Mamacita's track is so hot.

lidopimienta said...

THIS IS SOOO CUTEEE!!!! Blancas voice makes me melt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

Blanca Méndez said...

Lido, your voice makes me melt.


Anonymous said...

Great summer show!

Souad Martin-Saoudi said...

Still can't get enough of that fonocast <3


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