MP3: Lê Almeida - “Eles estão na minha rua”

Lê Almeida
“Eles estão na minha rua”
Weepop Records
Lê Almeida is one of the coolest Brazilian dudes we’ve come across; he lives the lo-fi style life like very few know how to, starting with the fact he’s the founder/head of Brazil's youth-rushed netlabel Transfusão Noise Records. After dedicating time to his side projects, and a handful of EPs under his arm, his debut LP Mono Maçã has finally seen the commercial light. “Eles estão na minha rua” is an extract from the record, a track that finds Almeida on its most structured moment yet. Beyond the noise-revivalist sound, he definitely shares the lo-fi aesthetic and the urgency to tell stories in very short timings. This song breaks most of those principles. Like some of his fellow Latin American lo-fiers (Las Robertas, Babe Florida, Hypnomango), there are tropical flairs embedded with the sound, so often confused as psychedelic. Mono Maçã is out now on London’s Weepop Records.



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