New Single: Calle 13 feat. The Mars Volta - "Calma Pueblo"

No one gets more empowered by lyrics than Rene Perez (Residente), one of our most creative ‘leadmen’ in music, and on the shortlist for best rapper in the world. The Puerto Rican duo is back promoting “Calma Pueblo”, the first single from their forthcoming October release, the fourth LP in their shining career. The song features The Mars Volta and, while the premise seems interesting, the song is underwhelming to say the least. I’m trying to figure out if this is as bad as “No Hay Nadie Como Tu” (feat. Café Tacvba), but “Calma Pueblo” is disappointing and very boring. Rene seems uninspired lately, at least judging from his awkward and almost shameful (from his side) collaborations with Dante Spineta, Andres Calamaro and the late Mercedes Sosa.

Calle 13 is probably one of the few acts that could take on the responsibility of speaking for the people, but to do it in such a bland manner is almost offensive to the band’s ideals on superficiality, “lo que sientes tu lo siento yo, porque yo soy como tu.” The lyrics don’t do much and the music is barely there to serve a purpose instead of detonating corporative chains. “Calma Pueblo” is especially irritating because we’ve seen Calle 13 taking on that high-profile character in marvelous songs such as “Querido FBI” or “La Crema.” Here is hoping the group doesn’t lose its edge, “Calma Pueblo” is minor Calle 13, or better worst, Calle 13 trying to hard to be major. Is this ruining our anticipation of the actual album? Not really. After all, they are a step close to being favorite band.


karen T said...

It's not bad at all, it's just not good Calle 13, which almost translates to bad for the disappointment.

The Mars Volta I think does a great job here, the lyrics are the ones that are just dull. But yeah, let's wait for a second song, I remember getting so disappointed with "No hay nadie como tu" and getting wild with "Que Lloren."

Andrew Casillas said...

Karen T for the win. Nailed it.


jean-stephane beriot said...

The structure is good, the lyrics are laughable, what's happening Rene?

Anonymous said...

you have to follow what's been going on in puerto rico for the past year to understand what they were trying to achieve and why they failed so miserably at it. it's a calculated protest song released in a very combustible time in the history of the island that has seen repeated violations to civil rights, development of extremely right wing tactics that borderline on fascism and general disregard to the needs of the population.

this song fails because of the lack of honesty in the lyrics, the constrained musical language (the segment where rene is "screaming" is just laughable and pathetic), and the constant cluelessness of rene.

as if this not enough they just released a video for this song in which the whole cast is naked and running around what is called "la milla de oro" which is san juan's financial district. very gimmicky and underdeveloped.

they are trying to hard to be heard and the worst thing about this is that their approach is completely ridiculous. they want to be part of something that they don't understand and that's very sad.

Deo Ingus said...

this song is embarassing... but i have to back a.c: 'no hay nadie como tu' was amongst their best singles!! one might call it 'a post modern anthem'!!!

mikke said...

Un poco egocentrica pero la letra es buena, buena música también. Great song.

amable said...

necesitan un gancho con un coro pegajoso para llegar a todos los lugares que se han planteado. no puedo esperar a escuchar el resto del disco, creo que estará excelente.

lidopimienta said...

His siter should have cantado aqui. La cancion se hubiera beneficiado de algo mas armonico para que quiza haya un poco mas balance?
Que se yo.

Su letra es una continuacion de lo que sabemos, y la musica es tratando de dar edge, que lo das pues es taking a risk.
Que se yo.

Yo no creo ser como nadie de ellos, ni que lo que yo siento lo sientan ni viceversa :S

Los solos de guitarra me dan reacciones alergicas.....jajaj shit.

No se nada de nada.


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