Fonogramaticos Vol.2 + Bonuses

  1. “La Bonita” – El Remolón (Argentina, ZZK Records)
  2. “Mis amigos y yo te amamos” - Alexico (México, Independiente)   
  3. “Suerte” – Jóvenes y Sexys (Venezuela, The Poni Republic)
  4. “Nadie en el espejo” – Lucio Mantel (Argentina, Independiente)
  5. “Bestia” – Hello Seahorse! (México, MUN)   
  6. “Amor Congelado” – Joe Crepúsculo (Spain, Discoteca Océano)  
  7. “Oro Flash” – Bam Bam (México, Nene Records)
  8. “La Despedida”  (Manu Chao Cover) – Babaluca (USA/México, Unsigned)
  9. “Nada me saca de la cama”- Juan Manuel Torreblanca ft. Ximena Sariñana (México, Independiente)
  10. “Genuino” – Chyno Nino ft. Tego Calderón (Puerto Rico, Independiente)
  11. “Baile Frik” - Frikstailers (Argentina, Revolt Into Style Records)
  12. “Sin Enganche” – Menuda Coincidencia (México, Tres G)  
  13. “Down Mexico” – Sr. Amable (México, Unsigned)  
  14. “What About” – RH+ (Chile, Nacional Records) 
  15. “Gata” – Eléctrica Miami (México, Independiente)     
  16. “Dos Policias” – Los Punsetes (Spain, Everlasting Records)  
  17. “Hipsters” – Fuck Her, or the Terrorists Win (Mexico, The Poni Republic)
  18. “Dusty Sánchez” – Diego Bernal (USA, Exponential Records)   

A monthly compilation by Club Fonograma

Once again, thanks to all the artists and their labels for providing these materials to us and others for continuing to make music free of charge. If you want us to hear your music, don’t hesitate, we really will, emails work best ( but even a friendly request at our MySpace will do. We realize most of the material that gets sent doesn’t make it to any of our sections but we will continue to be very selective as it is the only way to differentiate the good music from the rest. Our first volume surpassed the 1,000 downloads in just one month, if you don’t have it yet, download it here.

Artwork by Carlos Reyes



Carlos Reyes said...

OH and a big hug to the model :) my niece Camila :)

Chassidy * Kassidy said...

first of all, love the artwork, she's gorgeous! awww

second of all, "la bonita" is so amazing, especially with that artwork uff... makes me go AWWW

I'll be playing this for a while, any news on a Tego Calderon album? I miss him.

Chassidy * Kassidy said...

haha, she looks so emo

Jean-Stephane Beriot said...


Juan Data said...

I made a new mixtape of bizarre cumbia breaks and you can download it free from my blog.
Check it out!

Geo and Vane said...

hello Charlie

Can you up the mixtape again?

because the link not function.

thank you

Gerard Sqtia Dáv said...

Hola ¿Donde puedo conseguir este fonogramatico? porque el link que esta no funciona

verónica estándar said...

i cannot download the file :( can you fix it the link dont work

TTESSEKK said...

The link download is broken...


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