Nacotheque 8.0

Nacotheque makes me dance, did you know I ALWAYS (once a month) clean my room listening to their awesome mixes? Reminds me of the Tropi-rollo cassettes my mom used to play while cleaning the house. Try them, they are way better than a RedBull when it comes to giving you energy, it’s all natural, they get into your senses no matter what. Nacotheque throws the best parties in New York; we all know that, they are so kind to give us some great compilations to download. Are you tired of your parents, tios and tias taking control over the music on your birthday parties? Tell ‘em to give you a break or send them to watch their telenovelas and play Nacotheque 8.0 loud and louder, they’ll come back to dance, it’s irresistible!.

♫♫♫ Nacotheque 8.0 Part 1
Nacotheque 8.0 Part 2

1. Intro

2. Panico Ramirez - La Banana

3. 60 Tigres - Dentro De Mi Cuerpo (santi edit)

4. La Casa Azul - No Mas Myolastan

5. $6M Weirdo - Love Transmission

6. De Falla - Popozuda Rock N Roll

7. La Vacazul - Vuelo

8. Hidrogenesse - Vuelve Conmigo A Italia

9. Pastilla - A Marte

10. Los Romeos - Mi Vida Rosa

11. Amandititita - La Muy Muy

12. Afrodita - Morena

13. Julio Voltio - El Mellao

14. Vanexxa - Desheredada

15. Acuario - Rema, Rema, Marinero

16. Los Pico Pico - La Pinata

17. Divina Gloria - Desnudita Es Mejor

18. Babasonicos - Microdancing

19. Sara Da Pin Up - Mi Codo

20. Righeira - Vamos A La Playa

21. Los Mustang - Tan Felices (santi edit)

22. Alive - Discusiones Bizantinas

23. Gaby Vex - Palpito Papito

24. Ruby Y Los Casinos - No Te Conosco Muchacho

25. Alaska - El Rey Del Glam (huracan mexicano)

26. J y M Capuano - Molino Al Viento Charito

27. Elis Paprika - Hasta Que Te Conoci

28. Adicta - Lo Que Enferma

29. Jaime Sin Tierra - Auto

30. Abrentaora Pop - Ramo Verde

31. Raphael - Ahora


Anonymous said...

el intro es de Charytín - Nueva York.


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